Berrow Village Hall Hire Information

Berrow Village Hall

SS Nornen:- £15 per hour
Lighthouse:- £15 per hour
SS Nornen & Lighthouse combined:- £28 per hour
The Knoll:- £11 per hour
Willow £7:- per hour

Please find below links to essential hirers information including information on terms and conditions and booking forms.

Berrow Village Hall Hire Agreement 2020

Berrow Village Hall Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire 2020

COVID 19 Additional Terms as at July 20th 2020

Essential Re-start Information and Terms – Please download / read and ensure you are familiar with the attached information. In addition, if you are:

  • a group representative returning to hall use
  • new user seeking to hire the hall

– please complete and return the questionnaire as appropriate.

For further information please contact our booking clerk Sheena Austin on 07597 717125.

Berrow Village Hall-restart letter to group leaders

Berrow Village Hall-restart Re-opening questionnaire

Berrow Village Hall-restart supplementary conditions of hire

Berrow Village Hall restart Layout COVID-19



For the present kitchen facilities are closed and will remain locked. You are welcome to bring your own refreshments and utensils. Please take away all your utensils / refreshments and rubbish.

Exit via Fire Exits

Please use fire exits to leave the hall (as shown on the restart layout plan) in order to avoid congestion in the lobby area


Groups may access their stored items if they have separate key access but must clean any items used.