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We would like to thank everyone involved so much for your continued support over the past twelve months of our lottery . Your support has meant that the Lottery has contributed £2,411 in much needed funds toward the upkeep and running of the Hall whist at the same time £2,070 in prize money has been won by members.

The Association is dependent on fund raising from the Lottery and also from donations received from the Friends of Berrow Village Hall of a further £4,286.

These two contributions supplemented the income from lettings but nevertheless the Association suffered a decline of £2,168 in its cash position after making repayments on its mortgage.

The aim of the lottery is to help to secure the financial future of the village hall so that we can all continue to enjoy its amenities for years to come. If each current member recruited 1 other into the scheme this would have meant that we would have ended the year without a decline in our cash position and in a much stronger position going forward. It would also mean we can keep the charges for hiring the hall stable. Looking forward the Committee are trying to increase our income so that we can clear the mortgage on the hall but also contribute further entertainment and activities for villagers.

There are at present 45 members and we are keen to increase these numbers.


Support the Lottery for a chance to win cash prizes whilst at the same time supporting your village hall:
Click Here to download an application form or contact Owen on 01278 751260

Author: BCA Admin

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