Berrow WI

Our WI is friendly group and we welcome visitors and new members. There is a small charge of £3 for non-members, to include refreshments.  We meet the first Thursday of the month at Berrow Village Hall, 7.30 pm.

President:  Cherry Baker(789377), Joint Sec: Carole Williams, Jenny Pascall, Treasurer: Alexa-Claire Legg



3rd January
Somerset Nature and Climate Change

7th February:
Glastonbury 16th Century Maid

7th March:
What you should know about Wills, Probate etc

4th April:
Hinkley Point, an up-date, the Catalyst for economic growth in the South West

2nd May:
AGM and Craft Workshop

6th June:
Damien Boyd, Author

4th July:
Summer Garden Party

1st August:
No meeting

5th September:
History of the WI 1897 to Present Day

3rd October:
My Life as a Diplomat

7th November:
Christmas Crafts

5th December:
Christmas Party